Managed SEO Services

Keep your online presence energized and evolving

Stay the course! If you set-and-forget your SEO, you can forget about sustained performance

Even the best SEO must have constant care

The untended website ages rapidly. Search engines downgrade it. Competitors surpass it. Visitors click away from its dated pages, and the sales force lose faith in it. The vital energy and marketing momentum it possessed when launched is drained by time and neglect.

Keeps your SEO equity fresh and competitive

If you don't have the time or resources to manage and maintain your SEO, a SiteMomentum™ SEO Maintenance program will guard and nurture your online performance and rankings. It's part maintenance, part management—and all about never sleeping on the Web.

We custom-tailor your own SEO care program

SiteMomentum™ SEO maintenance and reporting programs are built in blocks of hours, with time assigned to allotted tasks. We'll work with you to select the activities you want to engage, and you determine the number of monthly hours you want to apply. We then tailor your program’s time and tasks strictly to the needs of your website and the goals of your online marketing program.
SEO Campaign Management

Discuss SEO maintenance with an SEO expert

Extra-mile SEO services that grow your business. From content marketing, link building, social, landing pages and site optimization – your needs are covered.

SEO Care

All the basics for starting a small website or blog.



Plans Starting at...

  • On-going keyword research and refinement
  • Continued link-building strategy
  • Web analytics, measurement and reporting
  • Blog writing and new content development
  • Site content updates
  • Testing and optimization program
  • Online PR
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Regular reporting and consultation
  • Other activities you deem necessary